webERP 4.07.4

webERP 4.07.4

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Phil Daintree|More programs
March 21st, 2012

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webERP 4.07.4 Description

webERP 4.07.4 offers users with an easy to use as well as effective tool that is entirely web-based. It is coded in efficient PHP to present a very low overhead on system resources and thus present screens fast and work over low bandwidth connections. A mature system with a wealth of features including: Multi-currency; Multi-inventory location; Serial and Lot tracking inventory; Full double entry general ledger; Weighted Average or Standard Costing. Manufacturing including MRP, shipment costing, contract costing. Ideally suited to wholesale and distribution or manufacturing businesses.Translations to 20 Languages. All code is written using simple and accessible PHP for ease of modification, maintenance and understanding. Reporting direct to UTF-8 PDF. 

Major Features:
  1. Sales Orders
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. Accounts Payable
  5. General Ledger
  6. Contract Costing
  7. Shipment Costing
  8. MRP
  9. Multi-Currency - auto updated exchange rates
  10. Standard Costing
  11. Weighted Average Costing
  12. Multi-Inventory Location
  13. Multiple Invoice Taxes
  14. Serial Numbered Inventory and Lot Tracking
  15. Fixed Asset Register
  16. Manufacturing
  17. Multi-level Bills of Material
  18. Ghost Bills
  19. Kitsets and Assemblies
  20. Expense Claims
  21. Sales Analysis
  22. Multi-Language - utf8 support
  23. PDF reports
  24. Readable PHP code so allowing business people to understand scripts
  25. Low foot-print, fast, simple code
  • This version fixed one bug since version4.07.3 and restore tcpdf class back for compatible problem. 
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