ROSA Desktop 2012 Beta

ROSA Desktop 2012 Beta

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November 21st, 2012

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ROSA Desktop 2012 Beta Description

ROSA Desktop 2012 Beta includes an up-to-date desktop operating system with a user-friendly interface and a set of software. After installing ROSA Desktop user gets ready workplace with no need to install office suite, graphic editor, anti-virus software, media players, ICQ-like clients, dictionaries and other basic software as an addition.


  • New features in ROSA Desktop 2012 Beta:
    • EFI/UEFI support which was included in Alpha2 as an experimental option is now integrated in the main system.
    • Added "Install in basic mode" boot menu item to allow launching ROSA Desktop 2012 installer on almost any hardware.
    • Added components necessary to enable hibernating.
    • Added services to improve compatibility of ROSA Desktop 2012 with Windows 8.
    • Improved work of services responsible for hardware detection.
    • Implemented automated update of Grub2 menu when installing/removing kernels.
    • New version of cloud storage desktop client with redesigned user interface and lots of bug fixes.
  • ROSA Desktop 2012 Beta includes fixes for issues discovered in previous test versions. In particular:
    • Reduced system boot time.
    • Interface language of user-level applications (e.g., Firefox Internet browser) now corresponds to system-wide settings selected by user when installing the system.
    • Solved issue with incorrect rendering of some fonts.
    • Fixed issue with launching programs that require administrative privileges.
    • Fixed issue with high power consumption on mobile devices.
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Download ROSA Desktop 2012 Beta
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