LibreOffice 3.6.3

LibreOffice 3.6.3

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November 21st, 2012

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LibreOffice 3.6.3 Description

LibreOffice 3.6.3 is innovated to be a power-packed free, libre and open source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux, that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. 

Major Features:

  1. It's free – no worry about license costs or annual fees.
  2. No language barriers – it's available in a large number of languages, with more being added continually.
  3. LGPL public license – you can use it, customize it, hack it and copy it with free user support and developer support from active worldwide community and large and experienced developer team.
  4. LibreOffice is a free software community-driven project: development is open to new talent and new ideas, and  software is tested and used daily by a large and devoted user community; you, too, can get involved and influence its future development.
    • The roots of LibreOffice go back 20 years. This long history means it's a stable and functional product.
    • Thousands of users worldwide regularly take part in beta testing of new LibreOffice versions.
    • Because the development process is completely open, LibreOffice has been extensively tested by security experts, giving you security and peace of mind.
  5. LibreOffice gives you high quality:
    • You get a simple-to-use yet powerful interface that is easy to personalize – Microsoft Office users will find the switch easy and painless, with a familiar look and feel.
    • Compatible with all major competitors' file formats. You can easily import files from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and many other formats, and can easily save to Microsoft Office and other formats when needed.
    • LibreOffice is supported by a big worldwide community: volunteers help newcomers, and advanced users and developers can collaborate with you to find solutions to complex issues.
  6. LibreOffice is user-friendly:


  • It contains many exciting new features, and is the recommended version for home and corporate users. 


  • Linux kernel version 2.6.18 or higher;
  • glibc2 version 2.5 or higher;
  • gtk version 2.10.4 or higher;
  • Pentium-compatible PC (Pentium III, Athlon or more-recent system recommended);
  • 256Mb RAM (512Mb RAM recommended);
  • Up to 1.55Gb available hard disk space;
  • X Server with 1024x768 resolution (higher resolution recommended), with at least 256 colors;
  • Gnome 2.16 or higher, with the gail 1.8.6 and at-spi 1.7 packages (required for support for assistive technology [AT] tools), or another compatible GUI (such as KDE, among others).


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