kde-services 1.2-8

kde-services 1.2-8

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Geovanni B. R.|More programs
April 3rd, 2012

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kde-services 1.2-8 Description

kde-services 1.2-8 is designed to give you one effective app that enables the following functionalities on the mouse's right click menu of KDE:

  • Convert several video formats to MPEG-1, MPEG-4, AVI, VCD, SVCD,
  • DVD, 3GP, FLV.
  • Extract the audio track of several video formats and convert them to MP3.
  • Convert several audio files to MP3.
  • Sending files to Thunderbird as email attachments.
  • Burn ISO image; in place ISO image mounting and unmounting, as well as the
  • possibility of getting the MD5sum, SHA1sum, SHA256sum, SHA512sum of the ISO image.
  • Execution of scripts.
  • PDF tools.
  • AVI tools.
  • Low level information of video files.
  • Build an ISO image from a selected folder.
  • Text replacing.
  • Searching tools.
  • SSH tools.
  • CheckSum tools.
  • Dolphin tools.
  • Midnight tools (Midnight Commander).
  • Play videos from selected folder.
  • System Tools => Build Custom Kernel ( Now you can customize your own kernel easily, for create a system
  • with more performance, more fast and more hardware support ), Check Kernel Update and more.
  • Network Tools => Connect Sentry ( Now can see on your notification widget, every established connection ).
  • [Backup|Restore] Tools.
  • SaMBa Tools.
  • Updated for KDE 4.8.x
  • KDE 4.x
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Download kde-services 1.2-8
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