Fresh Memory 1.0.2

Fresh Memory 1.0.2

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Mykhaylo Kopytonenko|More programs
March 23rd, 2012

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Fresh Memory 1.0.2 Description

Fresh Memory 1.0.2 offers you a unique, useful and convenient-to-use application that helps to learn large amounts of any material with Spaced Repetition method. The most important subject is learning foreign words, but Fresh Memory can be also used to learn anything else. Other examples are country's capitals and flags, chemical elements, mathematical formulas, technical terms. The learning data is stored as flash cards and dictionaries: sets of cards. 

Major Features:
  1. Application supports both classical review of flash cards (Word drill) and efficient Spaced Repetition method
  2. Flash cards are groupped into dictionaries
  3. Import and export to CSV files
  4. Display of simple studying statistics for each dictionary: number of scheduled and new cards
  5. Flash cards can have rich formatted text and images
  6. Flash cards can have several fields.
  7. It is possible to define several card packs with different combinations of fields, and learn the card packs separately.
  8. Cards with the same question are automatically merged into one card
  9. Cards with several questions (separated with ';') are automatically broken down to several cards
  10. Different card fields can have different styles: font and color
  11. Adjustable background color and fonts of the flash cards
  12. Automatic highlight of question keywords in the examples
  13. Adjustable studying parameters: random or sequential card show, different day limits
  14. Full support of Unicode (UTF-8): any international characters can be used.
  15. Dictionary and its study data are stored in separate files. It is easy to share clean dictionaries.
  16. Localization of the user interface: Russian translation is available
  • Fixed crash: With opened study window, closing the main window crashes the application.
  • Minor improvements in the study window.
  • Windows XP/7

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