Endian Firewall Community 2.5.1

Endian Firewall Community 2.5.1

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March 21st, 2012

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Endian Firewall Community 2.5.1 Description

Endian Firewall Community 2.5.1 offers users with an easy to use as well as effective "turn-key" linux security distribution that turns every system into a full featured security appliance. It features stateful packet filtering, proxies, antivirus/antispam, content filtering and a VPN module. 

  • New Features:
    • [PRE-1] - Automated contentfilter updates
    • [PRE-2] - Trusted timestamping with OpenTSA
    • [PRE-5] - Customizable dashboard
    • [PRE-7] - Use static gateways and OpenVPN connections for routing
    • [CORE-66] - Maintain records of the last time signatures were downloaded
  • Improvements:
    • [PRE-3] - Memory usage reduction
    • [PRE-4] - Boot process speedup
    • [PRE-8] - Support for most modern 3G USB modems
    • [COMMUNITY-14] - Upgrade rpm package before running upgrades
    • [UTM-15]- Various signatures are added to all UTM images
    • [UTM-40]- Dansguardian custom *regexp files need to be handled correctly
    • [UTM-42]- Transparent HTTP proxy intercepts also traffic inside the same bridge allow stealth mode
    • [UTM-44]- Transparent proxies intercept also traffic inside the same bridge to allow stealth mode
  • Bugs:
    • [CORE-14] - Permission issues in /var/efw make it impossible to perform the installation wizard
    • [CORE-16] - Portforwarding is only working from main uplink
    • [CORE-17] - Upgrading efw-netwizard from 2.4 to 2.5 have a posthook error
    • [CORE-18] - DNS server is not starting after upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5
    • [CORE-24] - Error Output during new installation
    • [CORE-26] - PPP uplinks do not work
    • [CORE-27] - Backup uplink does not work
    • [CORE-28] - Errors and tracebacks while running Netwizard with UMTS uplink
    • [CORE-29] - If an uplink is created and then is removed, its configuration is not fully removed
    • [CORE-30] - Allow UMTS connection without username and password in the network wizard
    • [CORE-32] - TC error while running the restart_from_wizard script
    • [CORE-33] - Machine is not rebooting after restoring a backup
    • [CORE-34] - IPsec does not start
    • [CORE-37] - OpenVPN cannot be set as "Router" if the bridged data are not correct
    • [CORE-42] - Package conflict is breaking upgrade after reinstalling
    • [CORE-45] - Old 2.4 backups are not shown anymore on the gui after upgrading to 2.5
    • [CORE-46] - Factory default does not work
    • [CORE-48] - Network are not pushed to OpenVPN clients
    • [CORE-50] - Kernel Oops using mv_cesa on mini-arm
    • [CORE-52] - DNS blackhole signatures are not downloaded anymore
    • [CORE-53] - Missing module hashlib required by Endian Authentication Layer
    • [CORE-54] - No traffic is passing through IPsec tunnel
    • [CORE-55] - No Uplinks are visible after adding a second uplink
    • [CORE-60] - Bridges are shown in the dashboard and on status pages although they are not configured
    • [CORE-61] - Syslog is not running on mini-arm-wireless
    • [CORE-62] - PPPoE uplinks do not work properly
    • [CORE-63] - In Port forwarding / DNAT the default mode should be simple instead of advanced
    • [CORE-64] - Web console should not increase in size when scrolling down
    • [CORE-65] - Installer shows warning for padlock_sha crypto kernel module
    • [CORE-67] - Uplink failover fails when both uplinks have the same IP address (PPP)
    • [CORE-68] - When snort signatures download fails, timestamp is still updated
    • [CORE-76] - Wrong labels in the policy routing editor
    • [CORE-78] - Wrong moveUp and moveDown arrows on last items of Quality of Service tables
    • [CORE-73] - Help links are adjusted to new documentation
    • [UTM-21]- Snort rules are not automatically downloaded
    • [UTM-23]- Squid does not start when HTTP proxy is enabled
    • [UTM-45]- Migration for ntop from 2.4 to 2.5
    • [UTM-36]- Proxy policy rules with ldap groups fail on restart script / job
    • [UTM-38]- If the POP3 proxy is enabled or disabled, no notification appears
    • [UTM-41]- SARG does not work anymore
    • [UTM-46]- Editing contentfilter default profile resets update schedule to monthly
  • Tasks:
    • [CORE-72]  - Update translations for the 2.5 release
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