Deltasql 1.5.4

Deltasql 1.5.4

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Tiziano Mengotti|More programs
November 24th, 2012

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Deltasql 1.5.4 Description

Deltasql 1.5.4 is released as an Open Source tool to synchronize databases with source code, which helps to keep database evolution under control. While developing medium to large applications, developers undertake changes to the data model which go along with changes to the source code. The deltasql server runs on Apache and is backed by mySQL.

Major Features:

  1. Deltasql server manages SQL scripts which alter database structure and contents. It organizes scripts in modules, which can be grouped in projects. It allows to search among them.
  2. Database synchronization by adding special synchronization table to each schema. Synchronization script generated by deltasql server. Handling of branches of branches and tags supported.
  3. Verification step inside synchronization script to ensure script is executed on correct schema (available only for Oracle and PostgreSQL).
  4. Several teams of developers can manage several projects and several databases.
  5. Ability to manage development schemas and production schemas by creating branches, branches of branches and tags.
  6. Syncronization scripts can be generated for Oracle, postgreSQL, mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and sqlite. On user request, any SQL-like database can be supported.
  7. Synchronization script can be exported in several formats, including pretty printed HTML, text and XML or even a zipped package with each script stored in a file.
  8. Free to use, Open Source tool licensed under GPL.
  9. Integration on Windows platform (XP, 7) with multipurpose deltaclient tool.
  10. Integration in Eclipse IDE with ant client or dbredactor client.
  11. Bash client can perform continouus database integration on Linux.
  12. RSS Feed and iGoogle Gadget show latest submitted scripts.
  13. Easy to install, like a webforum, as deltasql server runs on Apache/PHP backed by a mySQL database.
  14. There is a manual, video tutorials and a list of frequently asked questions.
  15. It is used productively by companies in Pakistan, USA, Italy, Switzerland and India and is popular in Japan and South Korea. In some companies it manages more than 2000 scripts and more than 10 projects.
  16. Typically used for large J2EE/Oracle or J2EE/mySQL software architectures which are partially customized to the customer's wishes.
  17. Ability to send email notifications to users who would like to work without deltasql.
  18. Charting features to monitor how deltasql improves over time.
  19. Ability to diff scripts if they were subsequently updated, ability to plot the tree of tags and branches and more...
  20. In short, deltasql is lightweight but powerful, fast and reliable :-)


  • Removed warnings when searching for scripts
  • Removed link to Changelog on as don't know if the website will stay up for how long...
  • Fixed problem in List Branches page for PHP 5.3
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