CorneliOS 2.4r17

CorneliOS 2.4r17

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Jos Kirps|More programs
April 18th, 2012

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CorneliOS 2.4r17 Description

CorneliOS 2.4r17 is depicted as a handy, smart and efficient program which offers a reliable development framework for web apps and platforms written in Perl. CorneliOS includes a set of web applications, including a user manager, file manager, a Content Management System (CMS - also used to create this website) and a database management system.

Major Features:

  1. CorneliOS is a web based OS (aka "Web OS") that runs in your web browser. All applications and files are stored on the CorneliOS and are accessible all the time and anywhere. CorneliOS is platform and browser independent, it can be installed on LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl) servers and is available as free Open Source software under the GPL. 
  2. CorneliOS is a multi-user system, which means that multiple OS users can have an account on a single CorneliOS server. Each user has its own home directory and his own desktop and workspace. To make sharing and protecting files and directories possible, CorneliOS offers a virtual file system (VFS) offering many advanced features, including access control and automated backup mechanisms. 
  3. CorneliOS applications are basically small websites using the CorneliOS CORA framework and CorneliOS technologies such as CornelioSCRIPT and extended HTML tags. The basic installation includes a set of useful apps including a user manager, a file manager, a Content Management System (CMS) and a database manager. 
  4. CorneliOS includes CIOS, an application framework that allows to build your own standalone web applications, community platforms or social networks. 


  • Offers various CIOS Edu API enhancements and bugfixes, a CIOS Community Layer that has been optimized for remote calls, a new CIOS Community device management API and gateway as well as updated system images, language kits and style sheets. 
  • Also includes the usual bug fixes, code enhancements, minor feature changes and documentation updates.


  • Operating System
    • A UNIX or BSD-like operating system on your server: MacOSX
    • CorneliOS runs fine on MacOSX, you don't need the MacOSX Server version to use it (Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard are okay).
    • CorneliOS does NOT run on Windows/IIS servers - at least not yet!
  • Apache webserver
    • The Apache webserver must be installed and running, Apache 2.x or better is recommended. Apache 1.x should also be okay, but it's not officially supported.
    • Apache is installed on most systems by default, including most Linux distributions and MacOSX.
  • Perl / CGI
    • Perl 5.8 must be installed, Perl 5.10 or better is recommended. Perl 5.6 should also be okay, but it's not officially supported.
    • Perl is installed on most systems by default
    • There must be a /cgi-bin directory allowing to execute CGI scripts.
    • Server Side Includes SSI must be enabled.
    • In most cases you'll have to install DBI / DBD:mysql manually if you'd like to use the MySQL database features.
  • Mod_rewrite - recommended, but not required
    • CorneliOS itself does NOT require mod_rewrite.
    • CIOS community platforms may require mod_rewrite, which means that it's always good to enable it.
  • Mod_perl - recommended, but not required
    • CorneliOS will run on any Apache installation, no matter if mod_perl is available or not.
    • Install mod_perl on your server to increase the performance of the CorneliOS system by a factor of 10 to 20!
    • CorneliOS automatically detects mod_perl, it will run under mod_perl without modifications.
  • MySQL - recommended, but not required
    • The CorneliOS core system will run without any SQL database. Even the CMS doesn't require a database.
    • A database is required to run the so called "SQL applications", which are important parts of the system - therefore they strongly recommend to install an SQL database.
    • CorneliOS currently only supports MySQL. MySQL 5 or better is recommended. 


Download CorneliOS 2.4r17
Copyright CorneliOS 2.4r17

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Download CorneliOS 2.4r17
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