CloverETL Engine 3.3.0

CloverETL Engine 3.3.0

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November 26th, 2012

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CloverETL Engine 3.3.0 Description

CloverETL Engine 3.3.0 is made to be an open source data integration framework written in Java. CloverETL can be used to transform data, and allows for platform independence. While using Java technology it allows for platform independence. It can be used standalone - as a server application or can be embedded in other applications as a transformation library.

Major Features:

  1. Can be easily extended by custom components
  2. Internally represents all character data as Unicode - any character from any codepage can be represented - ASCII, LATIN, ASIAN, etc.
  3. Converts data from & to common character sets (ASCII, UTF-8, ISO-8859-1,ISO-8859-2, etc)
  4. Contains palette of more than 50+ specialized transformation components
  5. Nativelly supports all major industry standard databases (Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, Infromix, Sybase) and several open source variants (mysql, postgresql). Other databases are supported through JDBC layer
  6. Reads & writes XML data/ Excel (XLS) data/ variable length data (CSV) / fix-length data and several other not so common formats (dbase/foxpro/flashfiler)
  7. Supports remote reading/writing of data through FTP/SFTP/HTTP/HTTPS protocols, also works with ziped & gziped data
  8. Offers 5 different lookup table types (Simple, Range, Database, Persistent, Aspell)
  9. Runs on 32bit & 64bit platforms - Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, AS/400 (System i) and many others
  10. Data records are internally handled as a variable-length data structures - can handle very large records (theoretical limit 231)
  11. Fields can have default values, text formats, NULL value checkers
  12. Contains connectors to other systems through standard protocols: middleware - JMS, LDAP, SOAP
  13. Transformation of data is performed by independent components, each running as an independent thread - can utilize more than one CPU (is very scalable)
  14. Framework implements so called pipeline-parallelism - when data record is processed by component, it is immediately sent to the following component for additional processing.
  15. Contains interpreter of specialized transformation language - CTL
  16. Transformations (mappings) of data can be also coded directly in Java or any other scripting language
  17. Metadata describing structures of data (records) and transformations can be read/written from/to XML
  18. Works with common Source Code Management Systems - CVS, SVN, sourcesafe


  • Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment
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