aMSN 0.98.4

aMSN 0.98.4

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Amsn Development Team|More programs
March 21st, 2012

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aMSN 0.98.4 Description

aMSN 0.98.4 is launched to be a convenient as well as professional open source MSN Messenger clone. It allows you to keep in touch with your friends and exchange instant messages and files. 

Major Features:
  1. Offline Messaging
  2. Voice Clips
  3. A New Login Window & Contact List (As of 0.97)
  4. Display pictures
  5. Custom emoticons
  6. Multi-language support (around 40 languages currently supported)
  7. Sign in to more than one account at once
  8. File transfers
  9. Group support
  10. Normal, and animated emoticons with sounds
  11. Chat logs
  12. Event alarms
  13. Conferencing support
  14. Webcam support
  15. History in color
  16. Ability to autoclose the filetransfer window when it is finished
  17. New plugins log window (Alt-P)
  18. Plugins compatible with supported languages
  19. Faster loading skin window
  20. Skins in chatwindow
  21. Resizable chatwindow bottom
  22. When you add a new user, you can define in which group you want to add them
  23. When a contact change status, the top of the chat window changes color ( green for away, grey for offline, etc.)
  24. New panel GUI to alert when there's a new aMSN version
  25. Possibility to download the new release directly by aMSN
  26. Automatically update language files and plugins from the web
  27. New gui for deleting users (also possible to block on deletion)
  28. Possible to add notes for each user (XML)
  29. Support for MSN Mobile service
  30. Tabbed windows so you can group conversations using tabs
  31. Status is displayed inside a frame, so it won't disappear when you scrolll
  32. Display picture in notification alert (like MSN 7)
  33. Statistics for history (logging)
  34. Now possible to choose any state for your login status (before it was only possible to login invisible or online)
  35. Timestamping
  • It contains several bugfixes, including the bug which made you unable to read Offline Messages.
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