Softwareweb RSSen-usCopyright (C) 20012 softwareweb.com Endian Firewall Community offers users with an easy to use as well as effective "turn-key" linux security distribution that turns every system into a full featured security appliance.]]>, 21 Mar 2012 05:25:20 +0700 Firewall Builder comes with many useful features to help users maintain a database of objects and allows policy editing using simple drag-and-drop operations.]]>, 25 Aug 2010 10:31:33 +0700, 11 Sep 2009 20:48:40 +0700 PAC offers you a really useful, smart and convenient to install tool which provides a GUI to configure SSH and Telnet connections, including usernames, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, and macros.]]>, 21 Mar 2012 17:53:00 +0700 Seahorse will satisfy you with a really cost-effective and reliable GNOME application for managing encryption keys.]]>, 19 Mar 2012 23:12:00 +0700 Seahorse comes as an interesting as well as beneficial GNOME application for managing encryption keys.]]>, 18 Mar 2012 17:16:00 +0700